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Oscar Vitalmax Juicer


The Oscar Vitalmax juicer is the latest single auger juicer, a very precise machine giving a very clean juice and an excellent yield. This juicer is quiet in operation, easy to clean and with an industry leading 20 year motor and gearbox warranty. The Oscar Vitalmax Da900 juicer has a neat folding handle, chunky rubber feet and is easy to wipe clean. The juicing head is easily removed and dismantled for cleaning. This is the best single auger juicer we've used, the design is superb with the following features:

•  Three stage auger for continual thorough juicing
•  Precise juicing and grinding screens with integral strainer for clean juice
•  Silicone seal round the pusher,
•  20 year motor gearbox warranty, simply industry leading.
•  Available in white or chrome finish.
•  Folding carrying handle.
•  Easy to disassemble for cleaning with captive seals so nothing gets lost
•  Low speed for enzyme and nutrient rich juice.
•  Pasta nozzles, collection trays for pulp and juice.
•  Forward and reverse.
•  The quietest smoothest operation of any single auger juicer we've used!

Chrome VitalMax DA900 juicer

The Oscar Vitalmax in Chrome

A delight to own, this juicer will juice all fruit and veg including wheatgrass. The working parts are easily removed and cleaned modern styling and engineering ensures this machine looks and works superbly!

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Vital statistics

Juicing Action:
Masticating (Single Auger 89 rpm)
Ease of use:
Ease of cleaning
Feeding Chamber Shape
Chamber Dimensions (mm):
Diameter 38
Juice Yield (1kg of carrots):
675ml approx.
Juice Yield (1kg of apples):
880ml approx.
Juices wheatgrass:
Weight (w/o box):
Dimensions (mm):
20 years

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JP review:

The chrome Oscar Vitalmx juicer looks great, this machine one well thought out thing!!

Remember, auger juicers like the Oscar Vitalmax cold press your juice for maximum health benefits!

8/10 its in my kitchen!!!


vitalmax in white with fruit

the Oscar Vitalmax juicer in white




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